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The lessor will handover the unit at the agreed date/time in a clean and usable condition. There is no entitlement to obtain the unit in a new condition.

Any deficiencies have to be reported in writing within 3 days after your move-in the latest. Unreported deficiencies will be considered damages caused by the lessee and billed to the guest after the end of the lease agreement.


All keys will be handed over at the location of the apartment or will be deposited in the self check-in system at the location of the apartment. In either case, the lessee will receive the keys or the entry code once the first rent and the deposit (if applicable) have been paid and received by the lessor.

The lessee is responsible for the cost of replacement of any lost keys during the rental period. The lessor reserves the right to replace any keys and locks, if keys are lost, at the expense of the lessee. Additional keys can only be issued by the lessor. A handling fee also applies for delivering emergency keys, due to missing keys.

A set of 2 keys will be provided at move-in. The lessee is responsible to report any missing keys at move-in. If left unreported, the keys will be assumed lost and charged to the lessee.

Use of the Unit

The lessee is allowed to use the unit only for the purpose defined in the lease agreement. Any changes to the use of the unit, including the number of persons living in the unit, are subject to written permission by the lessor. The lessee is not allowed to use the unit for commercial purposes.

The lessee has to treat the unit with care and to avoid any damages. The unit has to be aerated frequently. It is not allowed to turn off the heater entirely in any room.

Each unit will be inspected by the lessor at the end of the lease term. The condition of the inventory will be inspected and reported. Any missing or damaged inventory will be billed to the lessee.

It is prohibited to store any objects in front of the apartments or in the common areas of the building.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage needs to be disposed of in official garbage bags and placed into the garbage containers belonging to the building.


The time frames between 22.00-07.00 and 12.00-14.00 are considered rest periods and noise emission has to be limited to a minimum.


All our apartments are non-smoking apartments. It is not allowed to smoke in the apartment.


Pets are only permitted to stay at the apartments with a written permission of the lessor. Additional cleaning fees may apply.

Unit Maintenance

The lessor is obligated to maintain the unit reasonably and to have repaired any damages. Any damages and issues have to be reported to the lessor immediately.

The lessee has to inform the lessor immediately regarding any urgent repairs (emergencies). If the lessee does not inform the lessor about the damages, he/she is being held liable for any incurred cost that might arise from the delay in reporting the issue.

The lessor has the right to make any repairs in the unit, the stairways, and any other rooms within the building within a reasonable notice period. The lessor can arrange any urgent repairs at any time without prior notice. If the lessee refuses entry and damages occur, the lessee is held liable.

The lessee is responsible for cleaning the unit frequently, or to have the unit cleaned.

Services included in the apartment price

– Fully furnished (including bedding, linens and towels)
– Fully equipped kitchen
– Internet with WLAN
– Digital TV
– 24 hour hotline for emergencies
– 24 hour check-it

Cleaning and Laundry Services, Additional Services

The frequency of cleaning and laundry services is agreed upon in the lease agreement. If the apartment is booked without service and the service is not stated in the lease agreement, there is no entitlement to receive such service.

Services include the following:

  1. a) Cleaning Service:

– Cleaning of all surfaces
– Cleaning of bathroom(s)
– Floors dry & wet
– Dusting
– Replacement of linens
– Replacement of bath/hand towels (2 sets per person)
– Replacement of kitchen towels (2 sets per apartment)

  1. b) Apartment Make-Up Service includes the following:

– Bathroom
– Floors dry
– Replacement of linens
– Replacement of bath towels
– Replacement of kitchen towels

  1. c) Move-Out Cleaning Fee

A mandatory move-out cleaning fee will be charged to the lessee at the end of the lease period according to the size of the unit. The move-out cleaning fee is not included in the rental amount and will be charged separately.

  1. d) Additional Services

Additional services can be requested at the following rates: We are happy to deliver additional on stock household items to your apartment at the following prices:

On stock household items: CHF 50.00 (plus tax) per delivery. Fees includes delivery of item and rental

On stock furniture: Minimum of CHF 150.00 (plus tax) per delivery. Prices may vary according to furniture item. Fee includes delivery/removal of item and rental.

Internet and TV Signal

Internet and TV signal and services are provided by a third party vendor. The lessor refuses any liability in case of internet or TV outages. Any reported TV or internet outages will be resolved at best effort.

Exclusion of use and liability for the use of Internet access and TV

  1. Permit for the use of wireless Internet access

The operator provides wireless Internet access (WLAN) and LAN in every apartment. He offers the user the possibility of using this Internet access via WLAN or LAN for the duration of his stay. The user is not entitled to allow third parties to use this WLAN.

  1. Access data

The operator provides the user with access data for this purpose (access security). These access data (login name and password) may not be passed on to third parties. The operator can change these access data at any time or limit them in time.

In this case, however, the user can request new access data. The user undertakes to keep his access data secret at all times.

  1. Limitation of liability

The user is aware that the WLAN only provides access to the Internet. The operator provides additional security measures (firewall), but rejects any liability in case of infestation. The retrieved contents are not subject to any examination by the operator. Use of the WLAN is at the user’s own risk. The operator accepts no liability for damage to the user’s terminal equipment or data caused by the use of the WLAN, unless the damage was caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the operator and/or its vicarious agents.

  1. Responsibility of the user

The user is solely responsible for the data transmitted via the WLAN, the services used and the legal transactions carried out. If the user makes use of third party services via the provided WLAN, the resulting costs shall be borne by the user. The user undertakes to comply with applicable law in particular when using the provided WLAN. In particular, the user shall

  • not illegally copy, distribute or make publicly accessible any copyrighted works; this applies in particular in connection with the upload and download of file-sharing programs or similar offers;
  • use the WLAN neither to retrieve nor distribute immoral or illegal content;
  • observe applicable regulations for the protection of minors;
  • not send or disseminate any degrading, defamatory or threatening content;
  • not use the WLAN to send spam and/or other forms of inadmissible advertising.
  1. Indemnification of the operator from claims of third parties

The user indemnifies the operator from all damages and claims of third parties, which are based on an unlawful use of the WLAN by the user and/or a violation of the present terms and conditions of the WLAN agreement. This indemnity also extends to the costs and expenses associated with the claim or its defence.

  1. Documentation

The user was informed that each use of the operator’s WLAN is documented and archived with IP address, MAC address, date and duration in order to indemnify the operator if necessary and to prove which user used the WLAN and when.

Unit access

The lessor holds keys of all apartments under management. The lessor and its employees and delegates have the right to access the apartment without prior notice on the agreed service days to provide cleaning and laundry services. The cleaning and service cycle is agreed upon in the lease agreement. Regular services will be provided between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Changes to the Unit

The lessee is not allowed to make any changes to the unit.

Unit Visits

The lessor or a delegate has the right to visit the unit within a 24 hour notice period for repairs and renovations. Further, the lessor or a delegate has the right to show the apartment to a future lessee within a 24 hour notice period between Monday and Friday, 9am to 6pm and Saturday, 10am to 12pm. Visits have to be limited to a minimum.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

A VAT (value added tax) applies to some apartment rentals and all services. You can ask about a possible tax examption by writing an email to

Tax rates and all applicable VATs are subject to change according to Swiss Law. If tax rates change during the time of this lease agreement, they will be changed and invoiced accordingly.

Transferability of the Lease Agreement

A transfer of the lease agreement is not allowed.

Return of the Unit

The unit has to be left empty by 10am on the last the of the lease term. The keys have to be returned to the lessor by 10am on the last day of the lease term. The lessee will receive instructions on how to return the keys a few days before the last day of the lease.

The lessee loses all access right to the unit after expiration of the lease agreement.

House Rules

The general house rules are considered an integrated part of any lease agreement.

Early Termination and Cancellation

  1. a) Early Termination

The lessor has the right to terminate the lease agreement before expiration due to important reasons and according to Swiss Law (Obligationenrecht). This is especially the case if the lessee does not comply with his/her obligations and/or other lessees are severely disturbed by his/her actions. If the lessee does not correct his behaviour after written notice by the lessor, the lessor can terminate the lease agreement within 30 days by the end of each month (Art. 257f Abs. 3 OR).

  1. b) Cancellation Fees

The booking is binding upon of the issuance of the lease agreement.
The following cancellation fees apply:

0-7 days before start of the lease agreement: 80% of the first month’s rent
8-13 days before start of the lease agreement: 50% of the first month’s rent
14-30 days before start of the lease agreement: 20% of the first month’s rent

Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

Unless provided otherwise by the parties in this agreement, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (Art. 253 ff. CO) shall apply. The court at the place of the property shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement.

Mailing Adress

It is assumed that the lessee’s mailing address is the unit address as stated in the lease agreement.


General Terms & Conditions Customer Referral Program

  1. General InformationAll services provided by Book a home in connection with the „Customer Referral Program“ are subject to the following Terms & Conditions. Changes to the Terms & Conditions are only valid if agreed upon by Book a home in writing.
  2. EligibilityOnly current our previous guests of Book a home AG are eligible for the customer referral program.
  3. PremiumsThe premiums are a non binding offer to Book a home guests who refer Book a home services through the „Customer Referral Program“. The selection and order of the premium is binding and cannot be changed or cancelled. The order will be confirmed by email.
  4. Premiums, Validity & PricesThe premium will be provided at no cost after expiration of the referred lease agreement. The premiums can be chosen only from options offered by Book a home. Validity and expiration has to be monitored by the recipient. Book a home refuses any liability regarding premium expiration dates.
  5. Delivery and Delivery TimeBook a home refuses any liability regarding delivery time and shipping. Generally, the premium will be shipped according to the premium conditions, as mentioned under point 9.
  6. Reservation of Property, Warranty, Recovery of Damages5.1. Until completion of the agreed lease time, the premium remains property of Book a home (Reservation of Property).6.2. The right to obtain a premium is defined exclusively under point 9 of the Terms & Conditions. The release of the premium will take place after fullfillment of the Terms & Conditions.6.3. The premiums can only be used for the stated services of the selected vendors. Book a home refuses any liability for deficient services and delayed delivery of such by a partner. We reject any third party complaints6.4. Book a home does not guarantee availability of apartments and apartment sizes at the time of a referral and refuses any liability.
  7. Cancellation TermsThe order of a premium can be cancelled until 14 days after receipt of the premium by returning the premium or sending a written notice to Book a home. The recipient of the premium hereby renounces the receipt any equivalent or payment of the returned premium value.
  8. TransferabilityThe premiums are transferable. Please refer to the third party vendors‘ terms & conditions.
  9. Loss & TheftBook a home AG refuses any liability for lost or stolen items or any unlawful redemption.
  10. Premium ConditionsA premium can be obtained under the following conditions:a. Referral of a minimum stay of 30 days
    There is no right to obtain a premium if the referred lease is terminated early
    c. Book A Home AG defines the value and kind of premium



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