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General Terms and Conditions Book a home AG

1. Apartment Handover

The apartment will be handed over on the starting date of the lease in a clean and appropriate condition for the use agreed in the lease agreement.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties, the handover of the property takes place at 15:30 of the starting date of the lease agreement by self check-in device at the place of the property.

The lessor will send a pre-filled property condition report to the lessee together with the check-in information by email. The lessee shall return the signed form to the lessor by email by the date indicated on the check-in email (maximum 5 working days) and report any additional damages found, if any. Should the lessee fail to provide the lessor with such notice, the property shall be deemed to be delivered in the recorded condition.

2. Record of Keys

The lessor prepares a list of all keys to the property upon handover. The key inventory is listed on the property condition report. Additional keys shall be produced only with the lessor’s prior written consent and they shall be returned to the lessor without any compensation at the end of the lease. Lost keys and lock exchange costs will be charged to the lessee.

3. Use of Property

The lessee may only use the property for the agreed purpose in the lease agreement. Any modification, including any increase of persons living in the property as agreed upon, requires the lessor’s written consent.

The property has to be aerated regularly to avoid mildew and other damages to the property. Heating shall never be interrupted completely in any room. The lessee is liable for any damage caused by harmful and negligent use of the property.

5. Garbage Disposal

Garbage needs to be disposed of in official garbage bags and placed into the garbage containers belonging to the building.

6. Noise

The time frames between 22.00-07.00 and 12.00-14.00 are considered rest periods and noise emission has to be limited to a minimum.

7. Smoking

All our apartments are non-smoking apartments. It is not allowed to smoke in the apartment or on the property. The lessee is liable for damages to the property resulting from non-compliance (i.e. painting work, decontamination) and charged for the related cost.

8. Services included in the apartment price

– Fully furnished (including bedding, linens and towels)
– Fully equipped kitchen
– All utilities
– Internet with WLAN
– Digital TV
– 24 hour hotline for emergencies
– 24 hour check-in / out

9. Cleaning and Laundry Services

The frequency of cleaning and laundry services is agreed upon in the lease agreement. If the apartment is booked without service and the service is not stated in the lease agreement, there is no entitlement to receive such service.

The cleaning and laundry services include the following:

– Cleaning of all surfaces
– Cleaning of bathroom(s)
– Floors dry & wet
– Dusting
– Replacement of linens
– Replacement of bath/hand towels (2 sets per person)
– Replacement of kitchen towels (2 sets per apartment)

10. Internet access & TV Service

Internet and TV signal and services are provided by a third party vendor. The lessor refuses any liability in case of internet or TV outages. Any reported TV or internet outages will be resolved at best effort.

a) Permit for the use of wireless Internet access

The operator provides wireless Internet access (WLAN) and LAN in every apartment. He offers the lessee the possibility of using this Internet access via WLAN or LAN for the duration of the lease. The lessee is not entitled to allow third parties to use this WLAN.

b) Access data

The operator provides the lessee with access data for this purpose (access security). These access data (login name and password) may not be passed on to third parties. The operator can change these access data at any time or limit them in time.

In this case, however, the lessee can request new access data. The lessee undertakes to keep his access data secret at all times.

c) Responsibility of the user

The lessee is solely responsible for the data transmitted via the WLAN, the services used and the legal transactions carried out. If the lessee makes use of third party services via the provided WLAN, the resulting costs shall be borne by himself. The lessee undertakes to comply with applicable law in particular when using the provided WLAN. In particular, the lessee shall

    • not illegally copy, distribute or make publicly accessible any copyrighted works; this applies in particular in connection with the upload and download of file-sharing programs or similar offers
    • use the WLAN neither to retrieve nor distribute immoral or illegal content
    • observe applicable regulations for the protection of minors
    • not send or disseminate any degrading, defamatory or threatening content
    • not use the WLAN to send spam and/or other forms of inadmissible advertising

d) Indemnification of the operator from claims of third parties

The lessee indemnifies the operator from all damages and claims of third parties, which are based on an unlawful use of the WLAN by the lessee and/or a violation of the lease agreement and/or the present terms and conditions. This indemnity also extends to the costs and expenses associated with the claim or its defence.

11. Changes to the property

The lessee is not allowed to make any changes or modifications to the property without the previous written consent of the lessor.

It is not allowed to drill holes, use nails or adhesives on walls, floors, ceilings or inventory. It is not allowed to move or remove furniture or other items that belong to the property.

12. Private Installations

The lessee is not allowed to install or have installed any electrical appliances, such as but not limited to dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, light fixtures, internet/tv installations without the prior written consent of the lessor.

13. Sublease

Sublease of the property is not allowed without previous written consent of the lessor.

The lessor may refuse the sublease of the property for the following reasons :

– Lessee refuses to inform the lessor of the terms of the sublease
– The terms of the sublease are inappropriate compared to those in the lease agreement
– significant disadvantages to the lessor arise from the sublease.

14. Pets

Pets are only allowed in the property if written consent is provided by lessor.


SERAFE taxes are to be paid by each lessee individually and are not included in the rent. For more information, go to

16. Termination

The lease agreement may be terminated in the form provided by the law and by the lease agreement and in compliance with the termination period and termination dates. The requirement of the termination period is met if the notice of termination is received by the other party or is available for collection at the post office no later than on the last day before the start of the notice period. If the lease agreement is entered into for a definite period of time, the lease term ends automatically when the period expires, and no notice needs to be given.

17. Return of Property

The property has to be returned in good condition in consideration of regular wear and tear resulting from the contractual use of the property and its condition at the start of the lease agreement. The property has to be returned completely cleared, with all keys by the last day of the lease agreement, 10:00 AM.

After termination of the lease term, the lessee loses the right to stay in or use the property.

Any damages to the apartment or the inventory not recorded on the handover protocol at the beginning of the lease will be charged to the lessee.

A mandatory move-out cleaning fee will be charged to the lessee with the first invoice according to the size of the unit. The move-out cleaning fee is not included in the rental amount and will be charged separately.. The move-out cleaning fee includes a fixed amount of hours to complete the cleaning work. If, due the state of the property, more time to clean the property is necessary, the excess time will be charged to the lessee accordingly after move-out.

18. Change of Use

The lessee is only allowed to use the property for living purposes. The commercial or other use is not permitted at any time.

19. Insurance

It is recommended that the lessee obtains liability insurance as well as insurance for his/her personal property.

The lessee is responsible for the security (burglary, theft and others) of the property. The lessor refuses any liability in connection with the mentioned incidences.

20. Corresponding Address / Email Address

The place of the rental property will be used as the sole correspondence address between the lessor and the lessee unless informed otherwise in writing. The lessor will contact the lessee either by using the email address provided by the lessee or by regular mail at the apartment address.

Where written form is required under this contract, email also satisfies the written form requirement. If a party uses email, it shall bear the risk of receipt by the addressee.

21. Changes of Status

The lessor has to be informed in writing, within 30 days, of any marriage, separation, divorce, death of a spouse, or changes of roommates. Damages resulting from not informing the lessor, will be charged to the lessee.

22. Breach of Lease Agreement / House rules

If separate House rules exist, they are considered an integrated part of the lease agreement. In case of serious and repeated breach of contract, the lessor is entitled to terminate the lease agreement within a 30 day termination notice (Art. 257f para. 3 Code of Obligations).

23. VAT (Value Added Tax / Mehrwertsteuer)

The lessee might be exempt from paying VAT on the rental amount, depending on the status of registration with the city. Supporting documents have to be provided to the lessor 14 days after move-in the latest. Documents received after this time period will result in a CHF 150.00 excl. VAT administrative fee charged to the lessee.

Tax rates and all applicable VATs are subject to change according to Swiss Law. If tax rates change during the time of this lease agreement, they will be changed and invoiced accordingly.

24. Emergencies & On-Call Service

For health issues or other emergenciescall the police (117) or the paramedics (144) directly. For urgent maintenance issues after business hours please call 044 888 6100. Regular repairs are usually done from Monday – Friday, 08 :00 – 17 :00. For emergencies caused by the lessee or requests received after business hours that incur any cost without being an emergency, a charge of CHF 150.00 excl. VAT / hour will apply.

25. Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

Only Swiss Law applies to the lease agreement (in particular the Swiss Code of Obligations, Art. 253 ff.).

The court at the place of the property shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement.


General Terms & Conditions Customer Referral Program

  1. General InformationAll services provided by Book a home in connection with the „Customer Referral Program“ are subject to the following Terms & Conditions. Changes to the Terms & Conditions are only valid if agreed upon by Book a home in writing.
  2. EligibilityOnly current our previous guests of Book a home AG are eligible for the customer referral program.
  3. PremiumsThe premiums are a non binding offer to Book a home guests who refer Book a home services through the „Customer Referral Program“. The selection and order of the premium is binding and cannot be changed or cancelled. The order will be confirmed by email.
  4. Premiums, Validity & PricesThe premium will be provided at no cost after expiration of the referred lease agreement. The premiums can be chosen only from options offered by Book a home. Validity and expiration has to be monitored by the recipient. Book a home refuses any liability regarding premium expiration dates.
  5. Delivery and Delivery TimeBook a home refuses any liability regarding delivery time and shipping. Generally, the premium will be shipped according to the premium conditions, as mentioned under point 9.
  6. Reservation of Property, Warranty, Recovery of Damages5.1. Until completion of the agreed lease time, the premium remains property of Book a home (Reservation of Property).6.2. The right to obtain a premium is defined exclusively under point 9 of the Terms & Conditions. The release of the premium will take place after fullfillment of the Terms & Conditions.6.3. The premiums can only be used for the stated services of the selected vendors. Book a home refuses any liability for deficient services and delayed delivery of such by a partner. We reject any third party complaints6.4. Book a home does not guarantee availability of apartments and apartment sizes at the time of a referral and refuses any liability.
  7. Cancellation TermsThe order of a premium can be cancelled until 14 days after receipt of the premium by returning the premium or sending a written notice to Book a home. The recipient of the premium hereby renounces the receipt any equivalent or payment of the returned premium value.
  8. TransferabilityThe premiums are transferable. Please refer to the third party vendors‘ terms & conditions.
  9. Loss & TheftBook a home AG refuses any liability for lost or stolen items or any unlawful redemption.
  10. Premium ConditionsA premium can be obtained under the following conditions:a. Referral of a minimum stay of 30 days
    There is no right to obtain a premium if the referred lease is terminated early
    c. Book A Home AG defines the value and kind of premium



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